Thursday, May 2, 2013

Welcome New Readers

Russia, Serbia, Indonesia, Ukraine, Taiwan, Philippines, and a few new readers from the USA. I get between 150-300 page views a day from all over the world.


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    1. I've been doing so everyday since I stopped the tar (yet again) it gives me a few minutes of peace everyday.

  2. Another ex junky. This time from the UK. Remember watching that documentary you were part of when I was a kid hundreds of miles from my nearest family, injecting heroin and running around the streets of London and how the thing I kept thinking was how warm and dry your streets looked. All the kids my age I saw walking up and down with their parents every day, getting loved and bought things and taken home to have dinner cooked for them at the end of it. And all I could think of wanting or envying was a dry curb. I just wanted the rain to let up...

    God. We really were just kids. Its scares me more thinking about it now than living it back then did. I lost 11 friends on those streets. 11 kids who never got the chance to become anything become anything. And yet, even now, missing them is tainted with missing *it*.

    And now everyone's dead or living the good life (kids etc). Then there's me. Still in limbo all these years later, feeling at odds or like I don't belong to either world.

    The search goes on.

    Congrats on all you've achieved.

    1. Thanks for reading. I enjoy hearing from readers. Maybe you can turn your experience into a guest post. If you are interested, email me