Thursday, May 23, 2013

Let me show you love exists

I have survived a lot of hurt in my life. People I trusted have betrayed me. Men who claimed to love me have abused me. Situations that were supposed to be safe were frequently traps. I have been left out in the cold. I was left for dead by society. People passed me with disgust in their eyes. Another fucking junkie whore left for dead. 

The irony is that I survive. I thrive. I live. What can not break me makes me stronger. I am strong. I have a power that can not be tamed, maimed. I have a fire that will not be stomped out. The embers burned through the newspaper in your hands. 

Living well is the best revenge. No man could break me. No drug could kill me. I rose from the gutter with a purpose. Be with me. See the world through my eyes. Let me show you that love exists. Truth can prevail. Tears can be from joy. I want you to know me. Every inch of skin has a story. Examine all the angles. I will be your angel, your hope, your dream.

Do not hold back your fear. I'm here. 

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  1. This really got to me! Tears indeed CAN be from joy and how wonderful knowing this truly is. I am glad u survived and so proud of u and me! We left that hard, dangerous, full of despair, lies, betrayal, cons and trick life behind....we both got rewarded in a sense too -I think; by receiving the gift of Motherhood and to be able to enjoy those gifts in our presents -our children. Because believe me: Having kids IS a gift that not everyone gets to relish. -M