Saturday, April 20, 2013

Behind the wall

Todays guest post is from the UK:
I often think of a situation that happened quite a few years ago, and wonder why the person involved agreed to do it? Forced, owed money, or maybe it just appealed to him.
In the North of England there are rows upon rows of terraced housing, over a hundred years old. There are small back yards to the rear, and 'ginnells' we call them, which are like a big pavement to get you round the back of the properties. This particular area was pretty run down, there were as many empty properties as there were people living there. There were a lot of squatters, and a lot of drugs.
So basically a group of dealers came up with an idea to stick someone round the back of a disused property to sell dark and lemo. (heroin and crack). But instead of leaving this guy exposed, they gave him a mattress a bucket, and built around him and his new found items with bricks and cement, so he was basically "bricked in". There was a small hole so he could make his transactions, and people used to pass him through food.
He couldn't empty the bucket, so it stank in there, and has there for a good few months before the police found him.It took them a while to knock down his new home, and a lot longer for them to retrieve the drugs from his person, as rumour had it, he slept for a solid week.
I wonder how long it took them to find a suitable candidate for their idea? drugs,food,and a bed...I wonder if they were inundated with offers? I wonder if I would have been desperate enough to do it??
Paul Payne

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  1. The pic posted here is a cooler that says "alive with pleasure Newport". Newport is a brand of menthol cigarettes my best friend in my early addiction used to smoke and Alive with pleasure was their catch phrase during that time. The cooler seemed WAY out of place at a softball game played by five year olds.