Saturday, April 20, 2013

The evolution of happiness

I was not going to write anything this weekend but I wanted to put in a few words about how incredibly lucky I am. The family life I have is too wonderful to describe in a few adjectives.

I was at my daughters softball game today. The field is a mixture of sand and grass. It is all fenced in with gates that are slightly rusty from the sea air. As I was trying to think of some type of profound advice to provide to her , I looked down and saw animal tracks. The tracks were clearly not dog or deer. They were from a bobcat. The tracks let to some kind of natural crime scene where some slightly smaller tracks ended. As I reflected on the natural order of the world, I thought about myself. I rose above the world of predators to walk upright again. I relish my place among the humans.

I took my place on the side of the field. I let the other parents step in and teach while I observed. Sometimes I just need to watch and enjoy the progress I have made in the past fifteen years. Yet I am completely exhausted. It is the type of tired that comes from actually caring about every single day. Goodnight or good morning readers.