Monday, April 29, 2013


Feelings are inconvient. Feelings are in the pit of my stomach. Feelings put me on the edge of tears for lack of reasons. I can talk myself out of most things. I'm a suppressor and debater of all things emotional. But feelings, they do me in every time.

Feelings are like a handsome face that cranes your neck to see it passing. Longing for something long gone by you saw out of the corner of your eyes. Some people call it depression. I call it repression- those feelings bubble up at awkward time. Feelings are like a houseguest your forgot was there that shows up needing more attention.

I share my head space with a select few. I have my boxes, my compartments for you and you and you. My inspiration, in a sense my salvation are the little faces that smash the packages I try to keep still. In the light, I really am not wrapped too tight. Feelings feelings feelings. No medication, no sedation, just relations. Feelings. Again?

Today is four years since the death of my father. My son is also four years old today. Cycle of life.


  1. It looks like you got your beautiful eyes from your father.Even in blk and wht , I can tell he had beautiful eyes.I can see him in your beautiful eyes :)