Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Guest Blog Questions Answered

I have received 15 questions on guest blogging for my site. These are the major categories:
What is the theme of the blog?
My blog is about addiction, depression, family, transition, horror, humor, filth, and self forgiveness. I hope that you have been reading regularly.

Will you revise my submission?
 I am not an editor so I suspect I will publish your post without my comments. Although I do retain the right not to publish something I personally find offensive.

What would I need to talk about?
You do not have to be a freakishly open self discloser like me. I think that this site has a sense of community for many that read it. I get people from all corners of the world with a variety of different perspectives on drug use/addiction.

Why should I do it?
Why not? You have all these thoughts, why not put them out in the world? You can publish anonymously if you so desire.

You can email me at or traceyh650 on twitter if you have more questions

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