Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Clean Sock Appreciation Day

A pair of crusty discarded socks are pictured here. These socks are so hard and stiff, they can stand at attention. This poor pair deserves a post of their own. They are a testament to the struggle of their previous owners. Sadly, some other homeless person will come along on put these on because they are less offensive then their current pair. I would like to declare today as clean sock appreciation day. The clean sock is seriously under appreciated by all but a few. Dear socks, I salute you.


  1. Tracey, also may I ask, do you know for a fact that Spanky from the movie, died? May I ask how you found that out and are you sure?

    1. I know for a fact that he died. I heard it from his friend. I was invited to the memorial service for his family . He and I were in contact off and on.