Saturday, April 13, 2013

Jesus Jim

What type of man will go searching for the company of another man? A man like Jesus Jim. Jesus Jim was a kind soul, or at least he thought he was, and generous. He met my boyfriend at the hustler spot. I am not sure how they struck up a conversation. My boyfriend was gorgeous. I would have wanted to fuck him myself. In fact I did from time to time when the drugs did not take my appetite away.

My boyfriend and I had an arrangement. He was a hooker. I was a hooker. We pooled together all of our money and misery. We both had the same dos and don't- no kissing, no anal, do as little as humanly possible to get the most money. At night we clung together nodding off and eating ice cream. We were in love and unashamed because we had each other.

Jesus Jim fell in love with my boyfriend. This man lived his whole life "in the closet". He was a youth minister, a pastor , or some other title that frowns on fucking boys off the street. He was mildly attractive. He was employed. He could have easily found a boyfriend in a perfect world. However, the world is not perfect. Jesus Jim was alone in his predilection and preferences. He liked my boyfriend to put lube between his legs while they were tightly crossed. He would hump the wet spot. This is also known as "trick sex". Many prostitutes have learned that straight men get so excited they don't even realize they have not entered the female. But this was two grown men in a painfully embarrassing embrace. He would give my boyfriend the money. Jesus Jim would hug my boyfriend for tolerating his ridiculous needs.

Jesus Jim wanted to be our friends like one big happy family. It made it easier for him somehow that my boyfriend had a girlfriend. That was what HE wanted! If my boyfriend could do it, maybe he could too. There is nothing worse that a straight person coming around two junkies trying to work out their issues. Hello! I have issues of my own. I was dating my seventy year old sugar daddy at this time. My only saving grace was that Viagra had not yet been invented. That is a whole other set of embarrassing stories, I digress.

I am not sure what happened to Jesus Jim. He took us to Disneyland. I am not sure if I am the only one that shot dope in the parking lot there or if it just feels like it. I am sure I will burn in hell for that one. Anyway, we had to call the whole hooker thing off when we got on methadone. The tricks, our relationship. My boyfriend and I spilt soon after. When you do shameful things, it is hard to look at that person everyday and remember. It is what it is. In that moment, I was like Jesus Jim. I wanted to hide a part of my self so others could like me. Except now dear readers, you know the truth.


  1. and we still like you!

  2. Yea we still like you, i have done many bad things myself x

    1. i love this story. I am going to write parts of it with some dialogue for my book.