Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cabbage Stew

This is a guest post from England:

Before i opened my eyes in an early morning, i would think 1. have i got alcohol next to the bed or wherever i was, 2. Have i got gear or enough money for gear, next swallow a few diazepam to help alcohol withdrawals then spew up then drink my vodka.This was everyday the same.
After drinking maybe a half litre of vodka i or my wife at the time would argue who's going to score as nerves were always bad in a morning.So we got the gear, had a dig and fell back into the same usual feeling and eventually would go out to find ways to make money but thats another story..I am 50 now and have been clean 99% of both drink and drugs well heroin! but still have the odd downer and i am capable of drinking one beer or two if i go to the pub but no more, this is once a month at most as i was in hospital last year through a brain defect wich made me forget to take my methadone and also my insulin.I was seen wandering around my town with odd trainers and pyjama bottoms foaming at the mouth.Eventually so i am told i got home and was found by my Mother who had been informed of my situation. I was admitted to hospital where i swore and spit at fellow patients and nurses so i am told.
My stay in hospital (this is all long term alcohol and drugs effects) was a collapsed lung, fluid on the other, pneumonia, pancreasitis and diabetic problems which all together put me into an induced coma for 5 weeks.
After 5 weeks i came round but was a cabbage and could not do anything except breathe.
I had 7 tubes in me and would eventually start to get better over the next 7 weeks in hospital.
It's now a year later after being on a peg feed am alot better but walk with a stick but i remember thinking many a time in hospital that i was going to be a cabbage(bad term) for the rest of my life.
I would one day hope to educate children and youths on the ills of both drink and drugs as i have had many brilliant times but also many hospital stays - DJ


  1. "one day hope to"... what you waiting for?!

    1. I think this is an excellent first step towards this goal

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    1. Hi, Hope you and yours are happy and well x