Friday, July 12, 2013

Things People do not tell you about Heroin- part two

Please feel free to add your own in the comments:
5. You may very likely fall asleep with food in you mouth. Amazingly, you may just re chew and swallow that same tasty morsel later. This may be something along the lines of grahamn crackers, a cinnamon roll, etc. As yummy as it sounds, it is WAY better than trying to spit that stuff out with a pasty mouth.

6. If you nod off next to a person who is also nodding, they may burn you. There is nothing more irritating that waking up to your shirt or the bed on fire. Add a few klonopin in that mix, you may wake up engulfed in flames.

7. No matter how many times you say you will cuss the connection out, you never will do it. You will wait patiently in the rain for 1-2 hours envisioning acts of violence on said dealer then thank them when they hand you your stuff.

8. If you are selling drugs, everyone hates you. Yes, I know, you also use them so you think it is cool. It is not- they hate you. Trust me. Worse than a junkie is a junkie that then sells drugs- you have betrayed the sacred order of the spoon.

9. If you have never had sex with an ugly person for drugs, keep using…

10. The first one after rehab or jail is always free. After that, you will be paying thousands. There is no “free heroin”. It goes into the cosmic bank of suffering and misery likes company.


  1. Liked the one about thinking about cussing out the dealer then thanking them when they get there so true. Another thing you think about then don't do is when you're high you make so many plans to quit do better live better save up all the money you spend on dope to spend it on something important or great until you wake up the next morning sweating and freezing and suddenly forget all those grand plans you had the previous night and just collect enough money to go grab enough to get you well. After that you spend the rest of the day attempting to get more money for more it's never enough. Oh, and I laughed at the everyone hates you if you deal and use that's incredibly true everyone does hate me but are ridiculously fake and suck up in to me in person. oh well that's the best option I was able to find to support my habit make more doing that than minimum wage ha. Sorry such a long comment just stumbled upon your blog and love your articles I'm currently in the process of quitting and it's nice knowing that it's possible to make it out of this vicious cycle without dying.

    1. Good for you. Hit me up some time. My email is and my Kik, snap chat, insta, what's app is traceyh415