Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My insecurities

            I woke up today and hated myself like I have so many days before. I am sitting in tears that I stuff deeper into all the boxes I constructed to keep you from hurting me. I hate my fears. I hate my eyes. I would rip them out and give them to you if only you could see me. You pass through my life. You slipped through my fingers. I can see your hazy reflection. You are like an outline of the life that I imagined for myself.

            Some days, I wake up and I hate myself. Not dislike, not like “oh I wish you would say some nice shit about me so I can feel better.” Some days I wish I could hold my breath until I am safe. It is part of knowing you spent six years with a needle hanging out of your arm. It is part of why I used in the first place. My anxiety. My insecurities. You want to know me. You say you want to know every single part of me? The bitter comes with sweet. The tears taste like salt from the ocean where I tried to drown my sorrows. At least this story comes with a happy ending.

Below is a link to a work shop I did on anxiety and depression.


  1. I'm so sorry you felt bad. :(

  2. Very empowering workshop you gave. I hope it was well received and helped those you partook in the event, and anyone else out here in the cyber world who came across it. Taking time for you, is always a good practice to maintain stress. Believing you deserve it, is essential to well being. Affirmations work.