Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Still Suffering Addict

I am thinking today of the still suffering addict. I am feeling for the person who just can not stop using drugs. I am sad today for my friends that are somewhere sticking a needle in the veins, finding a solution in a problem. I correspond with many suffering addicts. Some are in recovery. Some are not able to string together more than unstable periods of abstinence in between painful bouts of kicking. I love you all the same.

I love you with compassionate detachment. My pain is my pain. I allow your pain to be your pain. I provide a witness to your struggle. I provide a voice. However, I do not take on pain that does not belong to me.

I am here to provide encouragement not a crutch. I give you my love but never my pity. I understand your shame. Honestly, I just wish you would STOP fucking using. Okay?! I'm selfish. I want you to live.

This is an oversimplified version of my emotions. But kitty agrees with me

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