Monday, July 1, 2013

Gratitude List

1. I did not stick a needle in my neck today. Yes! The day is good 
2. I am (relatively) sane
3. Three healthy children
4. A family that Ioves me
5. Friends that love me
6. Clean underwear 
6. Fage 0% yogurt my favorite in the fridge
7. Having use of my senses
8. Hot tea and cold water
9. Ability to feel things
10. A job that I love 

I am eternally grateful that is is not my life today. I'm not living in a heroin hut on the sidewalk. 

 I would love to hear the things on your list in the comments. I am so grateful for you readers. 


  1. This was so neat. Well we are so grateful for YOU, too!