Saturday, July 20, 2013

Guest Post Judi from US

This story is about Judi and myself. I am the person in the story she is speaking about saving her from an overdose. We are both miracles. She runs an awesome bicycle shop. Check out her business . Not only do we recover, we can thrive and enjoy a full life without drugs.

This a picture of me and the guy who introduced me to the needle. Later, after we broke up, he saved my life one night

A girl I used to shoot dope with is on my Facebook page as of recent weeks and she posted that this morning. I clicked the "like" button and posted back to her 'LMAO'. I did laugh a little when I saw her post.

This particular girl and I have a history that goes way, way back. We experienced some bad things together. She now has her masters and lives out west helping other junkies get clean. She also has a family and all the other good stuff that comes when you put the dope down.

Finding a vein. When I see my new athletic veins pop out, I think back to the days when I couldn't find a vein for my dope. My veins were small and hard to find. I'd go to her hotel room and 2 or 3 people would try and help me find a vein. It was disgusting. Junkies will stick themselves over and over to find a vein. Jabjabjab.

This particular girl also saved my life once. I posted her email to me a while back. I'll post it again. Sometimes I need to re-read these words to remember.

you overdosed and it took me 20 mins to revive you. Right when I was ready to give up, the police and the paramedics kicked in the door. You opened up your eyes like two seconds before they opened the door. Someone must have heard me gasping and called the paramedics. They took you and forced me to go with you to the hospital and get narcaned. Then, you told me the whole way to the hospital "why didn't you let me die? it was my time to go." I think you had taken some klonapins. You overdosed a few times I've seen where you had to be given mouth to mouth but that time you seriously almost died. In fact, I almost left you because you were so blue I didn't know how long you had been out.

I was blue. Many times. Yet here I am.

Life is fucking crazy. 

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