Monday, July 22, 2013

My Opinion on Your Habit

Dear readers, it makes me sad that so many people who email or chat with me describe themselves as a "failure" because they are addicted to a substance. In my eyes, you are not a failure, you have endured and survived while many have your peers have perished from the same condition. Drug addiction is all consuming, hateful, and take us to lows beyond our imagination. You do not have to be pushing a shopping cart to feel worthless or ashamed. The very fact that you are willing to reach out to a stranger on the Internet shows your strength. I may not be next to you to support you. However, I care for you. I give a fuck. I am sure others care too, you just may not believe this to be true. Do not give up hope. Do not give up on joy. 
Love to you- Tracey

Below is another urban camping picture. The can next to them is a slim fast which is a drink to lose weight we have in the US. The irony was not lost. 


  1. Again thanks for writing this blog. I'm going to and you an email if that's ok. I have a relative homeless in sf and my own crap to deal with as well. Have a good day

  2. Wow sorry my above comment sounded kind of bad. I ment to say may I email you ?