Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Best of Me

Today was a sweet moment in time. I went to see my daughter's kindergarten graduation. I have worked very, very hard to transition from a scandalous dope fiend to a person of merit. I saw the results today. My daughter is one of the lights of my life. When I saw her sweet smile on the stage today, I realized that she is in this recovery with me. As I get better, the lives of others around me improves as well. I *almost* did not take the time off work. I am so glad I made time for things that are important in her life and my life. I am present. 

As a huge cosmic joke, the PTA voted me as the school treasurer for next year. Today was the second time they have handed me an envelope with thousands of dollars in uncounted checks and cash. I am a convicted felon, model citizen. 

We all have that duality. The desire to do good, the ability to participate in things that are not in our best interest. Today, I am choosing the good. I got my eye on you. 


  1. Your positivity is inspiring me to help and love myself today! Today I am present too :)