Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Gratitude- Freedom from Active Addiction

Getting things together for my book has really enforced how lucky I am to be alive and off drugs. Readers ask me what the secret is to staying off heroin. I made up my mind in 1998 that I was not going to use no matter what happened to me. I tried methadone twice unsuccessfully, I tried "just smoking pot", I tried switching drugs, I tried moving to a new place. The only thing that worked for me was kicking cold turkey in jail, going to rehab, going into sober living, then remaining totally abstinent. My story and your story may be different. Some people are different from others. I was very sick. I have a sponsor. I have a therapist. I have a program of recovery. 

I have been arrested at least 8 times. I've been exposed to HIV, hep c, violence, and mayhem. I am currently sitting on my couch watching kid television with three little kids that love me. I'm in my house that I paid for with money I earned through employment. I have a life beyond anything I could have imagined in early recovery. In treatment, I made a list of all my goals. I have achieved every one of them. Most of all, I have the serenity that comes from not having to chase a bag of dope. I have freedom from active addiction. I am grateful. These horror stories on my blog all have a happy ending readers. There is life after addiction. 


  1. Tracy...isn't there a part in the movie where you say, "There was so much drugs in there, it was sick!" and you were talking about jail? If so, how did people smuggle into and offer/sell drugs in that jail you were in?

    1. There are drugs in the jail. People sneak them in by swallowing them or putting them up their ass or vagina

  2. Whatever happened to that man in the movie on the street during the day, who put his arm around you said said, "She's a good person."?