Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Scars on the Inside

The track marks are covered with new skin. I ate this morning. I used the bathroom inside. I slept with a blanket and it did not have body lice. A rat did not jump on me. My abcesses are healed, sealed, and secret. Now, my scars are on the inside. 

You are so very perfect compared to me. You would never do the things I did for drugs. Have you ever washed the dope man's dishes for a hit? Have you cried with watery eyes and heavy legs for anyone to get you well? Have you sold your soul, your body, your life to escape down the hatch into a soft nod? How can you understand how very hard I really am? All my scars are on the inside. 

The world could not break me. I am stronger. I am wiser. I am resilient and I am free of shame. You can not hurt me because I am already healed- all my scars are on my insides. 


  1. Encouraging, give yourself the respect you deserve, you've made it thru hell n back and your not alone. Unfortunately, I too have cleaned someone's stuff for a hit...Uhh...Never Again! Julie :)