Friday, June 21, 2013

Staying Clean

You got off drugs! Yeah! Now what?! Ugh! This is where the work begins. Welcome to the other side where finding a vein, scoring, or hustling enough money to stay well are not on the daily agenda. 

Agenda items for today:
1. Don't use
2. Don't use
3. Don't fucking use

Hello stubborn addict?! Are you getting it now?! Your priority in the beginning has to involve putting distance between you and that substance. Getting off drugs is just the first step to rehabbing your whole life. 

Let us take a look at reality. If you have used for one or more years, all your friends are junkies. You are probably broke or damn near close to it. Your dick is broken or it least it was while you were strung out on dope. Now you may or may not have an erection that won't go down. For the ladies, you might be feeling some unfamiliar stirrings too but your last two boyfriends could not fuck so you gave up on sex. Having a period- do not be surprised if it returns after a few weeks of eating food. Surprisingly, you may add a bra cup size or two. Nature starts to put our humanity Bach in order. 

I suspect you might be ten pounds under weight. Haven't seen the outdoors in awhile? While you were kicking, fresh air was the last thing on your mind. Get out of the house. Especially since whomever you are living with is probably pissed at you or strung out. Or both. 

Return to living my friends. Get a program of recovery. Go to meetings, go to groups, talk to people that support your recovery. Find a job, volunteer, find a reason to love yourself again. 

Let us return to our to do list:
1. Don't use
2. Don't use
3. Don't fucking use

The drugs do not fall in your arm (legs,feet, neck, groin. I suspect no arm veins left). You have to pick them up, seek them out, buy them, accept them back into your existence. 

You can stay clean today. You can do this recovery. I'm here with you. 


  1. I used to think that I had parasites in a serious way. It took me getting off the smack and speed to solve that problem. I even went to the Saint Francis Hospital once, freaking out and complaining that I had Morgellon's disease. I was so certain that I had parasites in my hair that looked like cob webs, and they were all over my body. I picked my face and body trying to get these little fuckers out. I was for sure that I had an alien disease that no one could understand or believe but me. I'm so glad that they finally disappeared. It was the drugs; and I was crazy. Thank god it's finally gone.

    1. Thanks for sharing. Drugs and Insanity go hand in hand