Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Son Didn't Make it

I correspond with people I meet through my blog and my you tube videos. I was contacted last year by a mother. Her son was coming off methadone. She wanted to know more about the disease of addiction.  I am printing this email because I want people to realize that addiction kills people. Death. Overdose. Infections. Addicts need help. I do my best I can to provide encouragement. I am glad to help you readers.  We also need treatment, compassion, and narcan/naloxone. Get help before it is too late. Use with a friend. Do something.

Hi Tracey-
My son didn't make it. 1yr using, 5yrs methadone. He tapered off, in my opinion too quickly, then used-
after drinks with friends
Killing him - three days dead on the floor I found him.
I thought he was doing great! I kept asking him "are you ok? Are you sure?"
He always said he was fine.
What I was clueless to was how hard it was to come off methadone.
I hate myself for not knowing enough about this insidious disease.

I wish I could save someone.

Here is information about the DOPE Project. It also has a video attached


  1. Do you know of any 30 day rehabs in Colorado that take medicaid?

    1. I do not. I would join the heroin support page on Facebook and ask one of the members or look in the SAMSHA treatment locator