Monday, June 3, 2013

I am not letting the past steal from my present.

Let us all take one week to focus on the positive thing in our lives. I have been stewing in some negativity recently due to my own fears around getting older. I woke up today with a fresh perspective. I am challenging myself to live in solution for one full week. Instead of focusing on the negative, what if I focused on the positive as much as possible?! My tea is hot. I LOVE hot tea. My hair looks good today. a simple bit of happiness.  My clothes are clean. My kids actually listened to me this morning. I got LOTS of hugs and kisses. My chair is pretty comfortable. I texted with a friend today who I love- a girl friend because I need some in my life. I did not use today. I am not even having a CRAVING  to use. How remarkable is that? I need to appreciate it because tomorrow might be a different story. Live in the now.  I MIGHT even save a life today. I've done it before. We can all work miracles if we do not use today.

I am letting the past steal from my present when sit and feel sorry for myself. Boo fucking hoo. No more. Not today. Not this week. Join me. Make a list. Set a goal. Take some action.


  1. You are Beautiful i love you!!! I'll call you today if I have any minutes left on my phone card... if not I'll call as soon as I get some!!! I'm about staying positive this week and believing that people do give a fuck about me and better still... I care about what happens to me! I love clean clothes and fresh bedding too... i feel ya!!! And not only do I have a fridge... it has food in it!!! I love you and am proud of you and happy you are in my life!!! <3 your melissa