Saturday, March 30, 2013

What lies fall from your lips?

What lies fall from your lips? I touch your skin, the bruises just begin to form. I feel your breath on my neck. Two skeletons embrace. Your skin, your trade, your body used by those who do not know you. I touch your face. The dimness sets into your eyes. Oh, those lies. Those lies.

I have no one. I am no one. I am on my knees crying into your stained jeans. Where will we go? What will we do? Will it still be me with you? I need money and we have no time. Can I hold you just a minute more? The warmth of all your lies.

I know what you do for money. I do the same things too. Bring me pain or bring me joy. I live under your heel. To me, you are real. I taste you, I touch you, I leave you, I love you. I listen to all your lies.

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