Saturday, March 30, 2013

Chewed at by rats

All of this writing has brought up a ton of emotions for me. Many days I am on the verge of tears. I am recalling people who have not walked the Earth in many years. I am thinking about goodbyes I never delivered. I am seeing horror scenes in my mind.

I also remember a group of kids that were so curious about life. Half of my teenage friends ended up being junkies. Unfortunately, I was one of the first to succumb to temptation. I cleaned up nicely though. However, the scars are there. Some are literal, some are figurative.

People have asked me about my scars. I had an infection that went in between the bones in my leg. I covered it with a tattoo of a butterfly caught in a web- symbolic of my addiction. Where the lines are broken is where the hole goes in. I am posting pictures of my scars. My son is partially in the picture contrasting my life today with my past. This blog is my art and I am complete exposed here - arm scar, leg scar, other leg and track marks. We are off to little league day today. The scars fade and we move on.

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