Friday, March 29, 2013


I took pics today for you readers. Frank Norris was the hustler alley. Fern alley is one alley I used to sleep in. I also threw in pictures of a doorwell I used to sleep in. This space was much coveted because you could stay dry in there during rainstorms. It used to have A loves T carved in the side for Aaron loves Tracey. One night the rodent brought me roses after hitting me and I threw them on the ground. This is also the spot where I first met Ben. Lots of ghosts here in this unremarkable spot.
This whole area has been gentrified. I was horrified and disappointed by what the neighborhood has become- hipster paradise. The history of the place has been erased as if the hundreds of list souls had never been there. I can name at least thirty dead people who sat here within me. All traces of us are erased.