Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hello to my new readers

I see we added a few new countries-Japan, Poland, Switzerland, Venezuela, Costa Rica and South Africa. If you like my blog, feel free to spread my link.


  1. Hi Tracey
    Just wanted to say that I have watched the documentary a number of times now and it is beyond wonderful how you have turned your life around. Found your blog only tonight and am enjoying reading all your entries.
    Best wishes to you and the children,
    Jenny in London

  2. Hi Tracey!
    I'm a 21-yearold girl from Sweden and I just wanted to say.. I watched 'Black tar heroin' for the first time, a few days ago... and. It just broke my heart. It is sad to see that life can be so tough for some people and I am so happy that you are writing in this blog. I'll be spreading the link in my blog and I also wrote a short review on the documentary.

    You show the addicts out there that there is still hope.. No matter how dark the road ahead of you seems - you can always find that small piece of light at the end. Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much and thank you for reading. I'm finding out from many of my international friends that there are few alternatives for addicts outside the United States and even in parts of this country. I am trying to provide some hope

  3. You are a truly inspiring human being! Best wishes to you and your family :)

  4. Hi
    Iam so Thriled tp hear U got clean
    Would You ever do a hbo documentry about how all your lifes are now. Allot of people who watched that documentry which by the way I also think is the GREATEST DOCUMENTRY ABOUT HEROIN ADDICTS EVER MADE! Lots of People dont know that you got clean I think it would be awesome if HBO did a follow up documentry show allot of addicts that U made it show them or us Myself included that there is HOPE FOR ANY ADDICT!

  5. Hi
    Me again Tracy
    Can U share exactly how U got clean when where did U meet Your husband was he ever on drugs???
    Also Iam so curious about Jessica is is she clean if she is when snd how did she do it?
    Also Oreo wad his Mother really rt their the whole time I heard this not sure if true.
    Please Forgive Me Iam just so intrigued by This Documentry I have watched it 7 times almost feel like I knew You guys in real life.
    If ? I asked are too Personal Or Too Annoying to answer I undetstand, but if You can give me whatever info U feel comfortable with I GREATLY APPRECIATE AND THANK YOU!


    1. if you scroll back a few entries, there is an update that answers a lot of your questions

  6. Hi Tracy. Thank you for being such an inspiration and making such a sacrifice to help others. Sharing your story demonstrated such strength I really appreciate it. I am an addict still. I stopped shooting 6 months ago I smoke h now but never get high. Getting ready to go back to the M clinic. It works well for me. My heart really also went out to Oreo because he reminded me so much of my best friend when I was on the streets. I know he wants to remain private, but I hope he's OK.

  7. Hi Tracy. I really like how you are so open with suboxone and methadone. Methadone has been the only way I got clean. You seem like a beautiful person inside and out and made a sacrifice of privacy and risk of judgement and by doing so touched so many lives. Can you share anything about Oreo because I really adored him he reminded me of my best friend I had who's still on the streets today.

  8. Thank you for helping so many people with your personal experience. My son, 25 years old and his girlfriend are getting ready to leave their 7 month rehab. They were there for heroin addiction. In your opinion would seeing the BTH documentary help them with their recovery or give them urges to relapse? I'm so scared for them..