Friday, September 27, 2013

Care and Concern

I have had a lot of people contact me privately (and on my blog) because they are concerned about me. My writing is not always about me. It is not always written in the present tense. In the present tense, I am doing very well. Tomorrow is my daughter's birthday. Hard to believe she will be six. She is my little sweetie. My husband and I are planning on taking our first vacation with out the kids for our anniversary/his birthday. My kids are enjoying multiple sports. I am the treasurer of the PTA. I have been taking a month long break from my book. The stress was a little too much. I would rather wait and have it be proofread then tweak elements that try to have all types of things going at the same time.

My personal recovery is in a good place. I am saying this mainly because i am going to a meeting tonight. I am still working individually with some folks in all stages of recovery. I do some pro bono counseling work. I also moderate a few online communities and have made many friendships.

Finally, I get a great deal of satisfaction from underground projects expanding access to clean syringes and naloxone. These projects are high impact and low cost. $22 pays for 4 care packages and i have built a good relationship with a pool of donors and volunteers.

Thanks friends. I will provide you with more tales or horror and redemption soon. Love T.