The burning spoon

I have let many men touch my flesh. 
I have let a few of them in my heart. 
I have stuck some needles in my neck. 
Dulled the pain before it starts. 
I have lived years with no love in my life.
I have traded my morals at a cost. 
I have let blood drip down my arms. 
A sacrifice to a God I lost. 
Don't be sad when I am gone, 
Don't cry I am gone too soon, 
I sold my life for pins and needles,
That I melted in a burning spoon. 


  1. yeah. that pretty much summarizes the last ten years. thanks tracey for putting it into words so it doesn't haunt me so much, jen

  2. You are an OG Gangster wordsmith. I am immediately fully immersed in the scenes you set. Its unlike any other author Ive read...ever.

    I love ya girl. Hope this finds you well.

    p.s. im on methadone now.... 3 weeks plus... 50mgs is where I found my internal balance of being well and able to live with myself for not getting on a much much larger dose. = )

  3. Really feelin this one Tracey....nice work


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