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Emerging from the Cocoon of Sadness- death hangover

This is part of a work in progress      When I left the emergency room, I felt an overwhelming sense of embarrassment as if I had failed a test life had provided for me. As a woman and a mother, I am supposed to be able to handle anything and everything life throws at me. Wash the bowls for the morning cereal, make sure there are available clean socks, sign that permission slip, pack one lunch from home, one likes pasta with red sauce, one pasta with butter. Make sure the bus pass has enough money, dial in the conference call at exactly 11 am, clean the catbox before the senior cat shits on the floor, give the dog his medicine, and OH! Deal with the deaths of those around me without missing a beat. The rubber band that has held my life tightly together for years was beginning to snap back.     A text breezes past my screen.       “Tracey- are you dialing in this call?’ - Abe.     “I am actually at the hospital right now…” why do I need an excuse to say I can’t take on anymore. I f