Guest post- K from the US

They say the opposite of fear is faith. But when you're  knee deep in wine bottles, in a shit hole hotel. Alone with my pure breed shitzu sophia. She was my only glimmer of faith. The only thing that I had left of my former life. Business owner, home owner, and all the designer handbags anyone could ever want. That hotel was our home now. Smoking, drinking and wondering what kind of money the girls in the next room were making turning tricks. Envious of the easy money.
The smell of my own vomit made me crave more. It was hard to leave that room. Fear that I might not make it to a bathroom because my bowels were shot. But I was more upset of my hair falling out. My malnourished body was withering away. But that's ok. I was dead on the inside waiting for my body to catch up.


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