Saturday, November 23, 2013

The End of My Using

Holes in my skin,
My eyes are pinned,
Fell into a hole,
I have no control.

The thing I love is killing me,
I'm escaping from reality,
I just want to get high,
I can't remember why.

My money left with all my friends,
I sit alone, blood on my skin,
The pinprick is now a festering sore,
Leave me- rotting to my core.

If I knew something different I would do it.
So I am left with fuck it.
I deceive myself and love my lies
Tears of happiness are in my eyes.

One day I will stop this madness.
One day I will end my sadness.
But today is not that day,
So go the fuck away.
Now go the fuck away.

This is a person sleeping on the concrete

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