Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Craving

Grinding my teeth. I've had so much coffee.
Thinking about you gives me a fucking headache.
I've got another craving. I am crazy over you.
Why do I care about what you are doing right now? It has been so long.
 I felt so strong- knowing I can just let you pass by without a tear being shed.
You like to get inside my head.
You make me afraid to be alone with myself.
 I put my heart up on a shelf- to get it away from you.

The drugs that coarse through our veins make me insane.
I have dope sick love.
I swear I won't take you anymore but I draw you up inside me.
The chills coming up my spine split my mind into painful pieces.
They are a reminder of how you bound me.
All my friends are gone. All my money is gone.
Cuddle up with my bones. We can pretend I'm normal again...

My self esteem is in shards.
It is crystal clear I feel the cravings.
I'm grinding my teeth with anxiety.
I have a craving.
I'd give anything for that feeling that took everything.
And just like that...I win, I won
My desperate hunger is gone
My life will carry on.


  1. I am so impressed with the symbolism. I too, am one of you. My life is like a Blue October song explaining away my pain.

  2. That is friggin awesome. Anyone who has been there knows exactly what you are feeling.

    1. thanks for reading. This really summed up my feelings at the time