Saturday, August 31, 2013

International Overdose Awareness Day

I wondered this morning how many lives Have I known that were lost to an overdose? The list seems to long to even count. It seems so easy at the time- let me just slip off and take a hit. Many of my friends died some where alone with no one to save them. What were the last things to cross their minds?Did they understand that they were dying? Would they have wanted to change their fate? Were they afraid? These questions will never have answers.

Today I think about my on life. Was I worth saving? I am married with three beautiful children. I am a good employee. I supervise 19 people. I have helped numerous people get clean in the course of 15 years. I am a friend. I have friends. I am the PTA treasurer. I am a loving and caring human being. What would the world be missing if I would have died of an overdose before I made it to recovery? Aren't we all worth saving?

We need more access to naloxone, available to users in the US in 200 different location. This may sound like a lot, yet states like Pennsylvania only have two locations for the entire state. There are still parts of the country where they is NO access to clean needles. I get these emails from readers. I will post one here. Please be safe readers.

 Im not an IV user, but my bf is, and its very hard for us to get them here. He will often use his until its very dull, and a few weeks ago, he had a needle break off in his arm. I was hoping that would stop him from wanting to go that route, and although he has slowed down, he still prefers to use the needle. I just want to help make sure hes doing it safely.


  1. and Sadly some of my friends had people with them who where too chicken shit of the POLICE to stick around and make sure that my friends lived, Ya you know who you are, From San Francisco Ca,