Thursday, February 13, 2014

The revival of the Greedy Dope Hog

I woke up under a table one day. Someone was slapping my face. 
There was fear in his eyes. 
Fear that I did not recognize.
Fear told a story. 
I ask "why am I laying on the floor??!" 
"You died bitch!" He screams. 
I was asleep.
I had these dreams.
I was just nodding!!! I protested
My face hurt from his assault 
My appetite for drugs was not arrested 

My mind was black but now I'm here. 
I noticed I was under a table. 
The carpet held my pounding head. 
My friend was barely able 
To save my ungrateful self
"God damn it - Trace. You were dead!" 

Like a lady, I pulled down my skirt, 
I twisted my legs when I fell out, 
Luckily I was not hurt. 

The near death of the greedy dope hog. 
I just wanted to get high. 
I nearly died in the dirty shag, 
With my friend nodding nearby.


  1. amazing work here. keep writing and expressing yourself.

    1. For some reason, this story is insanely popular. It has been viewed almost 2,000 times. I guess it hits home for people.

  2. Thank you for sharing your story, Tracey! I just wanted to add a little something that recently happened to me to the article that I read about Narcan which brought me to your blog. Opiate overdose just doesn't happen to people who are addicts. It also happens quite often in hospitals, too and I'm sure it's not intentional done with malice. I know this because it happened to me on 1/29/14. I was very sick and admitted to the hospital and while I was there, I was accidentally overdosed on opiate through IV. My vital signs was not monitored like it is when you are in ED. I went into respiratory depression taking only 8 breaths per minute based on the notes in my medical record. If it wasn't for my parents crying and fighting for me, the nurse and my doctor would've never checked on me until it was too late. My parents said my lips were blue, no color in my face, not breathing and three nurses and my doctor all told my parents that I was just tired and sleeping. Because my parents refuse to believe that, they finally physically checked on me and realized I was indeed overdosed and they gave me Narcan which revived me. I am so thankful to this day that they listened and that there is such a drug to revive a person who is overdosed whether it's intentionally or not. My doctor came in the next so happy and relieved to see me and said "I am so happy that you are still here with us"! I have a husband, two little boys 3 and 2 years old to take care of and I just can't imagine how their life would be without me. I am going through group therapy to help me overcome this traumatized incident and I hope that it will bring light on people dying from opiate overdosed while in the hospital, too. They say that it's too costly for them to monitor patients that way but my question is how much does a human life worth? Nothing to them but to that patient's family and friends, it's's worth every penny. That's why we pay for health insurance. If I would've died that day, it would've just been notated as human error in my opinion. I'm not even sure if there is any agency out there that tracks the death of patients due to opiate overdose by hospital error. It is my hope that this issue is also recognized in any articles about Narcan/Naxolone. Thank you.