Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Claw away the remnants

I am content in reviewing the events. 
I am painfully aware 
my imperfections are laid bare 
upon inspection. 
The rain beats against the window 
streaks likes scars- 
a barrier to the outside world. 
If you saw my tears,
would you wipe them clean?
Would you scrub them? 
Claw away the remnants. 
Reveal the joy inside my soul
Suffocated by the choices I made 


  1. Last to two lines.. lifts me up.. then punches me in the gut. Very nice way to end it very nice.

  2. thank you for your courage in being open with your past and your recovery. I am a nurse with 12 years in recovery. In my 20s I was addicted to heroin, stopped using but never followed a program or stopped using other drugs. As an Emergency room nurse I crossed the line and started stealing drugs and injecting opiates again. Thanks to NA, my husband and the courage and honesty of other addicts I never have to pick up again. I follow a program of complete abstinence because it is what works for me. The addicts I see daily in my work are an inspiration to me as I know I am one step from where they are. You speak my feelings.

  3. I saw somewhere that you talked about evidence based treatment. Where does one go to find evidence based treatment. Especially for someone who has no health insurance and very limited financial resources?

    1. Here is a list of all the evidence based practices Not all require an expensive program. it would depend on the types of services available in your area. for some models, you can get the workbooks for free at the SAMSHA website and go through the worksheets yourself. If you have no health insurance, i would also encourage you to see if you qualify for insurance through the affordable care act because it contains a defined substance abuse benefit. This may pay for services in your area. It depends on how your state interprets the affordable care act