Thursday, February 13, 2014

Guest post- Christopher NYC

My name is christopher I am 30yrs old and I live  in nyc. My addiction begun as a teenager like most of us,  it started mild and got really bad. Addiction destroyed my life and my family's. I got sober at 28 after a overdose, drugs was the worst relationship I've ever had it takes everything from you, it steals from you, pulls your family apart, destroys your Hopes and dreams and then finally it tried to kill me and it almost did. I thought I had just had bad luck for all those years I was using and that's just plain sick that I actually believed that.

 After my overdose I went away to treatment for 3 months in a great place called St.Christophers upstate Ny. I needed long term treatment to get my head right, I've done other ones in the past and they never worked, not because it couldn't but because I didn't want it. You really have to want it to stay clean. So I followed the suggestions when I left, I went to meetings and most important in my case I stood away from people, places and things. Sounds corny but that's a must.

 Today all my friends are in recovery and I have the best friendships that a man can ask for. No more negative friends. I'm over a year and a half clean and I feel great physically and most important mentally. My family trust me today, I have a relationship with a beautiful girl, my future looks bright. I have hopes and dreams and I actually live myself today. Getting sober was the best thing i've done. I'm grateful every morning I wake up. Anyone can do it. No more jails, institutions or death. It's your choice and you are strong enough. Thank you tracey for asking me to be on your blog. Have a blessed day all.

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