I want to talk briefly about my love/hate relationship with abscesses. I've had like 34 of them :(. First of all, if you inject drugs and you have never had one, congrats. I feel like the key to avoiding them is really keeping a sterile field at the injection site, using sterile water, and new syringes. Being a homeless junkie, it get REALLY hard to keep a sterile injection area. Even in the best case scenario using alcohol wipes, just the environment all around me was fucking filthy. Syringes were kept in my sock, my gross pockets, or in some kind of bag with god knows what swirling around in there. Also, as a person who injected tar, god knows what kinds of bacteria and folgers coffee I injected over the years.

Secondly, I would get super excited to pop one. So gross. So wrong. So true though. They get red, painful, and your skin gets swollen and tight. It is as if mother nature compels you to do something. They gush out gross green stuff. The human body is truly amazing. The fact that we can walk around with a part of the body rotting is crazy to me. I am in no means dismissing this as a dangerous situation- it absolutely is- unfortunately people who use drugs are put in so many dangerous situation there is a certain amount of system overload prioritizing what to deal with first.

Anyway, as I'm sitting with the new puppy in my lap I was looking at one of my scars thinking about how I used to always have some infection brewing on one limb or another, walking around like an extra from a zombie movie.

The sun is slowly creeping in to the house. I hope you are having a good day.

Reason # 1001 to get naloxone This is a message from reddit. The naloxone was used the same day it arrived:

Hey Tracey! First off thank you so much so sending that, I received it this morning and it saved my cousin's life this evening. We ( his mom and I) can't thank you enough. His mom found him unresponsive and was able to administer two shots before the ems arrived on site. My cousin is a big boy @ 6'3 & 310lbs. And there is no way my aunt (has COPD on permanent oxygen in her 60s) could have got him out of the bathroom to start any form of resuscitation. Thank you for all the selfless work you for the community, you're an angel.


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