I wish I would have wrote this

I can't take credit for writing this but I wish I would have because I love it. I was written by one of my readers JF.

My minds been known to drift in to a pit of the sickness
I try to shake it off or find someone to talk but no ones there's to listen
So my companions always been me and my addiction
Depression and happiness is seperated by the line that I'm sniffin
And this ain't no happy chimp that sittin here on my shoulder
Its a 800 lbs gorillla and I can no longer control em
Can't even remember the last time  I spent a day sober
I hit rock bottom and still keep sinkin even lower
And I know some that still keep goin..still keep smokin
Carpet surfin tryin to find another rock.... as if it was golden
Its time to slow my roll,  im runnin outta time I'm already knowing
Its either jail or overdosing and id have to rob a bank just to get into a program
This can't be the path for my life that was originally chosen
Vivid pictures in motion, code blue crash carts, my body in convulsions...
Its time to cash in these narcotic tokens for some sober moments
Before I run outta time and fade to black ....and its game over
To break it down simply, theres 2 sides to my sickness
One side is bright n artstc 
While the other is dark n sadistic
And I knw its just a mattr of time before this reality hits me
Cause the business tht I'm in... and the life I live is risky
Its a Twisted mix of genius and madness
The Comedy blended in with tragic
Organized confusion in the mind of a civilized savage
A 2nd generation drug addict stuck in the habit
Still coordinating transactions
 pickin up packages
 and then I'm back into traffic...


  1. I am sure you know this song but here it is anyway

  2. Thank you for sharing this, I hope your readers enjoy it. Keep doing what you do Tracey, I support you and your efforts to share our stories...JF


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