Thursday, April 28, 2016

Fuck Fentanyl

Fentanyl used to provide visuals of cancer patients with patches or surgeries. Now, we are forced to wonder if every day run of the mill narcotics like Narcos are going to kill us. What the fuck is the world coming to when criminal organizations start killing off their revenue source i.e. the customers. Fentanyl makes users long for the days when the worst thing they thought they could catch was HIV. That condition is now serious but able to be managed. Fentanyl laced drugs bring death in a hurry. Two or three vials of naloxone may not be enough. 
There isn't some universal message in this post. There isn't a story of hope. This post is an expression of my powerlessness. I see and hear of people dying nearly every day from an enemy I don't know how to combat- greed. Greedy motherfuckers making money off a drug that is now killing purposeful users off by accident. So fuck fentanyl, get naloxone, and use with some one who will do something. 


  1. Harm reduction.... My outside looking in view is you cant get clean if your dead. Give users clean drugs, clean needles and, ready access to rehab and ort....

    Or we could just have another 40 year war on drugs...either way...

  2. I stand with you on this, partially. Giving a user clean drugs is not necessarily a fix because most of us heroin addicts don't know when to stop until it's too late and we die. I do agree with clean needles and decriminalizing addicts and those who rescue them, though. The War on Drugs is a wasted war. What the United States government needs to focus on is teaming up with leaders in known cartel occupied areas, as well as poppy growers in Afghanistan. We need to take those people out of the equation however possible. The government also needs to mandate that ALL insurance plans cover inpatient detox and at least 90 days of inpatient treatment. Currently Obamacare plans are not required to cover those methods, and that is one major area where we're failing.

    1. Most heroin in the US comes from Mexico. They took over awhile back which is one reason the price dropped so significantly.