Monday, January 25, 2016

Thank you and Pre sale information of my book.

Thank you for the past three years. I started out using this spot as a place to vent my crazy thoughts. It has turned into my passion. You all are a big part of that. I enjoy our talks, your emails. Thank you for making one recovering junkie's dreams come true.

A lot of you have been following my blog for years now. You have been through my highs and my lowest of lows. You remember my e-book? You remember my appearances on CNN? You have read my articles and seen a zillion pictures of my cats. Anyway, my book is coming out March 8. I really worked with the publisher to try to get a price that is affordable. The price is going to be $24.  The link is here.


  1. Will it be available through the Google Books/Play Store?

    1. I was told it will be available through multiple platforms. I will find out