Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Just for today- fuck heroin.

You woke up one day.
You were strung out. 
It happens. 
I don't know why you started. 
Were you the shy kid?
Were you the athlete?
Were you the child of uncaring parents?
Were you bored? 
It doesn't matter any more. 

Start where you are at. 
Stop licking the blood off your arm.
Stop cutting the straw from Dunkin Donuts.
Stop killing yourself because someone doesn't love you. 
You need to love yourself. 

You were born perfect. 
A child- capable, lovable, adorable. 
The drugs don't understand you.
The drugs don't complete you.
They compete for your attention.
They mask your affection. 
You deserve more.

I don't know what 2016 will bring. 
I do know this- fuck heroin. 
Heroin is a living death.
Heroin is the jealous lover.
Heroin takes everything. 
Heroin is not a cure.
Heroin is the cancer.
It infects your body. 
It slow eats away your bones.
You become a shell of yourself.
Until you die or arrest it's progress. 
But it waits there, waits for an opportunity.
Fuck heroin.
I am not wasting my life on you


  1. Love this. I am in active addiction, heroin. This poem is my life.