Monday, April 14, 2014

The Pain Remains

I wanted to reprint this email from last year. I get contacted by many friends and family. I had been corresponding with this mother. She wanted some insight into her son. I cannot imagine her pain. I have experienced the loss of so many people from overdoses, I honestly start to lose count. I can easily name twenty without much effort. 

Please be safe today. Someone, somewhere loves you. I love you. I was you. You matter to someone. 

Hi Tracey-
 My son didn't make it. 1yr using, 5yrs methadone. He tapered off, in my opinion too quickly, then used-
 after drinks with friends
 Killing him - three days dead on the floor I found him.
 I thought he was doing great! I kept asking him "are you ok? Are you sure?"
 He always said he was fine.
 What I was clueless to was how hard it was to come off methadone.
 I hate myself for not knowing enough about this insidious disease.
 I wish I could save someone.


  1. Tracey- You are wonderful. "I love you. I was you. You matter to someone'. Beautiful words.

  2. Yes, words I needed to hear today.