Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Article from a South Africa People Magazine


  1. oh i can read it ;(

    1. hmm. if you click on it, it doesnt show up larger?

  2. That is really cool Tracey. =)


  3. Hey,Are there any poor white people in South Africa,if not why not???or are they all in positions of power.when the natural resources of South Africa leave the country do the blacks of South Africa benefit or gain anything from this.return the country to the original people of that country.the blacks of South Africa are a very poor people and the country is so rich in natural resources there is no reason for this,south Africans should have control of theses resources and if whites want to live in this country they need to put back into the country and not just take,you might say well they bring jobs to the people ok at $2.00per hour if that,all South Africans need to be equal white and blacks equal.Thank you so much!!