Tuesday, September 4, 2018

where the fuck have you been?

Well "where the fuck have you been?' used to be a phrase I would hear a lot if you were to hand me any money. I was notorious for losing track of time ie trying to use your money to make more money. The same sort of applies here.

I have been taking a break from writing to focus on the expansion of the mail based Harm Reduction program. What I have been trying to construct is a distribution network that can get supplies out to the pubic quicker and more accurately. My closet based thing is great but I put the PRO in procrastination. I just don't have as much time as requests expand. I am happy to say, we have steady distribution networks building in multiple states. If you want to get on board, let a bitch now. I can use all the help I can get. The main efforts also involve seeding clusters of people who use drugs with NARCAN so there is some available to communities of folks using together.

In personal news, there really isn't any. I haven't been depressed in around two months. I tend to write when I am depressed. I am working on providing some technical assistance for a very special project with some high powered folks around overdose education. I had a NARCAN pop up at the REMIO art show. That was RAD. Mostly, I have been spending time with my kids.

I have a survey going, trying to assess the needs of community. Please fill one out. It is anonymous

I will be back with new stories but probably more like 1-2 a month. XOXO Tracey

Graffiti from outside my job 


  1. I have little to no redeemable qualities but I am willing to learn and give my time if asked. Let me know if I can help. I am based in Salt Lake city Utah .

    1. Utah naloxone (that’s the name of the program) is super active in your area. The is also a Harm Reduction coalition active in Utah

    2. I have been clean 13 months. I live in Raleigh,NC. I would love to do what I can to help anyone suffering with that life! None of us want that life.

    3. Upstate South Carolina needs real help. My heroin addiction thankfully ended in Newark Nj before I moved back to my home state or I would be Hiv positive for sure. There are no rehab, barely any meetings locally, no needle exchanges, and harm reduction isn't even in people's vocab . It's a beautiful place to live but a dangerous place to have a addiction.

    4. Same where I live in Ohio the small counties have no needle exchange and you can't even buy syringes from local pharmacies even Wal-Mart unless you are a diabetic.

  2. Hey, it has been quite a while since I have been here (3-4 years?), and the title seems quite appropriate for a response. Still alive and doing much better here in Wyoming.