Saturday, December 3, 2016

Please Consider "The Big Fix; Hope after Heroin" in your holiday shopping

There are recovering folk, treatment facilities, detoxes, and families struggling with addiction that would love a copy of my book. Here is the amazon link The book is also at Barnes and Noble, Indy bookstores, and I have a few author copies for sale.


  1. Hi Tracey, I've been reading your posts and I love how honest you are about your experiences. If its ok, I want to share this with you, so maybe you or someone you know would be interested in signing our petition to make it a law that all law enforcement carry Narcan; a life-saving opioid antidote that can be administered even after the effects of overdose have taken place. See, I lost my brother in law on Thursday morning to an overdose, when Narcan may have saved his life had it been administered sooner. Please sign the petition, and share if you'd like! We need 100,000 names, but have gotten over 730 in less than a day! Thank you for your honest writing, which I'm so sure helps so many people feel less alone. PETITION HERE: