Tuesday, October 4, 2016

For a friend

Everything about you is so perfect.
My heart aches knowing you. 
Like the bed is spinning 
After a night of heavy drinking 
I get sick to my stomach 
With just a few of your passing words. 
Painful to see you toss and turn, 
To grip the pillow with swollen fingers. 
Painful to see your empty smile. 

If you could only see what I see. 
Like the friend I have always wanted 
Like the person I know you to be 
Perfect in your imperfections. 
Like the person I know you to be. 


  1. How is it possible that the only one that says the words one really need ,says i worth it, is someone that one's never met. While expecting beloved ones to say so.

  2. That's beautiful.

    What was it like getting clean in the city where you became addicted, especially so close to the area where you were hooked and on & off the streets? I haven't been nearly as unlucky as you were, although can't say I'm stable- just not homeless, my partner (different addictions) gets some $ from his family and all of my money-back making is indoors. But I cannot at all fathom getting clean in this city, where I moved and got hooked bc I was depressed & heroin was extremely easy to get. I don't plan to stop anytime soon, but I do plan to someday. But getting away, I would be hard-pressed having to save that money and set up employment & housing elsewhere before I leave. I came here with a place to live but no job & that was a huge mistake I don't wish to repeat. However, travelling back and forth to set it up costs $, and that's a little hard to come by with a stable delivery connect and doing what I do for money.

    1. It was difficult but I was locked up the first 3 months through the severe craving period

    2. Tracy, would I be correct in thinking, getting locked up was your start on the road to getting clean?

    3. I had tried to get clean a few times before that. Jail was the only place I knew I could get services