Friday, August 5, 2016

I need YOUR help

I am going to meeting with policy leaders in Washington DC to talk about the heroin crisis in the US. I would love to get your input on what you feel is going on, what needs to be a priority, and what you feel is working. You can leave comments here or I can give you my email.

XOXO Tracey


  1. What I find interesting in our area of country, Rockford IL, is that there are overdoses everyday and many are DOA...yet it isn't common knowledge to most people.
    I know because of involvement in AA where there are many NA people also in the rooms.
    Assuming privacy laws keep the papers from saying how many people are really dying...
    If you had a count of people each day like the news reported those killed in Vietnam back in the late 60's and early 70's...people would be shocked!
    There was 5 kids who died in a high school parking lot like 6 months ago in a town very close to us...
    "We're only as sick, as the secrets we keep"

  2. Hi Tracey, I have lot's of ideas especially about what we cal RehabInc. If you shoot me an email I will try to pull them together for you.

  3. More and affordable methadone/suboxone clinics

  4. Well, the methodone clinics in this country are a mess. I'm on subutex now, which really does not help me at all. Methadone might, but having to go to a clinic every single day (or six of them) for a substantial period of time is not feasible for me. There are are additional reasons I have chosen not to go the methadone route, but that is the main one.

    I think one of the biggest issues is that heroin users and low-level dealers are NOT criminals and should not be treated as such. Don't know how much progress you can make on that front, though.

    Also, I am very concerned that doctors are moving in the other direction re: prescribing opiods to people with pain. Many good doctors are scared of being unfairly prosecuted. They need to have reassurance this won't happen. And all people need reassurance and access to adequete pain medication when appropriate. I know of one woman who was cut off her pain medication, or most of it, directly due to the passing of the Opiod Bill. I don't know the details, or much at all about her situation, except that she is very poor and certain she was cut off due to the bill. I suspect the doctor was scared of possible prosecution.

  5. I am a huge supporter of Methadone and Suboxone. So,I say more support for those programs. Methadone saved my life. I was an IV heroin user for eight years, with an expensive daily habit. Methadone helped me take a break from having to hustle every waking hour and worrying about my next high. I was desperate to quit because my lifestyle was very bad. When I got on Methadone I worked a lot with my counselor at the clinic. I got into AA, worked the steps with my counselor, (I was too shy to ask for a sponsor at meetings), went to a meeting a week all while on Methadone. I did that for about three years. Then I got my dose down very low and switched to suboxone with zero withdrawal symptoms. That may sound like a lot of work, and it was, but it was worth it. That lifestyle was killing me. Without Methadone and Subxone I don't know how I would have had the ability to quit using.

  6. For sure better access and subsidized methadone and suboxone programs. Also anybody should be able to goto the pharmacy and get a naloxone kit. Especially if they have kids that use. Shit, just everybody should have one in your car or house just in case it could potentially save somebody down the line. The biggest thing would be allocation of funds and resources from putting people in jail, to putting them in rehab. 99% of these people are nonviolent offenders and only have drug problems. Putting them in with criminals of other nature only furthers the problem. People forget that all these "junkies" are people children, brothers, sisters, family members and if these people were just alcoholics, they would not have been cast of of society like they are for being addicted to dope.

  7. I'm sure u already had this meeting in DC but I still wanted to repeat what others have already said. They must Decriminalize non violent users. As we all know, it's absurd to throw an addict in jail. It does not work!!! That has been proven time and time again. Addicts need help!!!!!
    Plus, I also agree with the the others. Methadone and suboxone clinics work (when used properly). Im living proof of that so no one can ever convince me otherwise.
    One million thanks to you for all your efforts and your honesty in this blog!!!

  8. I truly enjoy reading your posts, they leave me feeling both more aware and positive.

    Just to note that when the police force in Brighton (England) increased their spending on drug rehab centres their crime levels dropped dramatically. The money they released to treat addicts was more than compensated for by the money saved through crime reduction.

    If some people are a light in the darkness than you are a beacon.

    My very best and heartfelt wishes for your continued success.

    Karen xxx