Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Hitting the Road

I am going to be doing lots of traveling in the next six weeks. Come see me or let's do lunch. 

August 20-23 KCMO
Sept 10 Michigan Recovery Walk 
Sept 12- Seattle Recovery Cafe @7pm
Sept 19-20 Washington DC
Sept 26-28 New Brunswick NJ


  1. Are you speaking in the DC area? I did see your post about speaking with people who are working on the opiod crisis in the DC area; I have been following your work since hearing you on NPR, and I can think of no one more versed on this issue, thoughtful,a compassionate, and eloquent for them to talk with.

    If there is anything going on in the DC area that I could be a part of, please let me know. I am happy to contact you by email to tell you more about who I am but don't want to post my real name here. (I posted one other time, accidentally using my real name, and asked you to change the post to anonymous, which you did).

    I hope you enjoy your travels. I look forward to hearing how they go. :)