Thursday, January 31, 2013

Children and sleep

I am not really sure why children don't enjoy sleep as much as me. Or at least MY children. Please new mothers, do not believe all the stuff people tell you "oh, they should be sleeping through the night at ___" or "just let them cry it out" or the famous "if ONLY you were co-sleeping". My son is almost two and still wakes up. He slept in the same room with us until less than six months ago. He still woke up. I breastffeed as a semi crunchy mom. Let the haters hate- my son STILL gets a bottle. Throw stones now glass house residents.

I am resolved to the fact that some kids are not sleep through the night sleepers. If you have one- I had one of three- do not put it in our face. WE are tired, we don't want to hear it. I promise. Moms get bitchy, judgy, and all those other things from time to time. We love our kids but don't expect us to embrace every aspect of parenting. Breastfeeding is hard, bottle feeding is tiring, cloth diapers stink, disposables clog up the landfill, playgroups get irrritating, children get whiny, etc etc etc. We are so lucky their skin is so smooth, their smile for engaging, their hugs the best thing on earth or many of us would have never procreated. When you get your first crayon smeared valentine, you will know it was all worth it. But I still miss sleep.

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