Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Dr Oz appearance July 5th!

Please tune in July 5th to see me for my long awaited appearance on Dr Oz. It is unusual for a junkie like myself to get a national platform like this. I hope it will help others understand addiction.


  1. I really took my time with the book. I usually consume something so good in a day. Best well rounded memoir from the very first use to successful recovery. As you know, there are some EXCELLENT memoirs from former addicts... Now look at you! You give us all hope in our darkest days. It was you who finally convinced me that there can still be happiness, escape, and a meaningful life after recovery. I can't be happier for you and your family. If you can, I can!

  2. It was great to hear your story.mine is quiet smilar. Im 21 years clean mom of a 11 year old . God bless you