Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thank you Blog Readers

We did it. We made it to another Thanksgiving.
We didn't OD and die.
We didn't commit suicide.
We aren't in prison.
We got a third or forth or fifth second chance.
We figured out how to make it to another day.
No matter whether you are:
strung out
hating life
Remember- I love you.
I have been there.
I clawed my way out of that hole.
I hope you are feeling grateful, feeling something
Besides the prick of a syringe
The cold night air
And the desperation of active addiction.

I'm off to make some soup.
In my stove.
In my house.
For my family.
I'm clean today and it feels good.


  1. Tracey! Thank you, Happy Thanksgiving! :)

    I've been reading your blog since September, I've read and read as I've been kicking, then using every weekend.
    I've finally had enough. I've finally realised my partner just liked me as I was helping fund his habit.
    I've only been clean since Monday, but hell, I've made more progress in the last week than I have in the last 3 years of being a heroin addict. This week I've scored 5 interviews, (not drugs :)), and am taking on my dream job of being a recovery worker.

    Thank you, for your posts. You have kept me sane, and helped me realise how screwed up it is choosing drugs over life.

    Keep writing, you're an inspiration.

    Katy x

    1. Wow keep it up! You are through the worst of it. Fuck drugs, life is better

  2. i enjoy reading yr blog and look forward 2 what u r going to share from week to week. thank u for putting face 2 this epidemic. thank u for educating people who would otherwise b ignorant and therefore more likely to judge this population of addicts and then write them off and refrain from trying to b supportive. b/c of u, i am not so ashamed and inclined 2 hide my past from even my own consciousness. i first met u in BTH dark end of street. now i am blessed 2 meet the rest of YOU...we r not just addicts...we are more than addicts. but it is important for me, not 2 b so ashamed of this part of my life that i hide the truth, my truth. u make me proud 2b an addict in RECOVERY and that is a gift w/o a price tag. also very grateful u r so open if not just for yourself but also b/c as a nation, we need to have a conversation about the realities of addiction today...and so long as addicts r ashamed and silent this can't happen. so I'm glad to read yr blog and look forward to it every week and excited about the work yr doing in the field today, jiji powa

  3. Katy you inspire me. Thanks for writing that. Tracey, just pre-ordered your book. Can't wait to read it

    1. Thanks for reading. I hope my book doesn't disappoint you.

  4. With half a 75mcg fentanyl patch sitting in my mouth, and thinking about calling my dope dealer for a half g.. I read your posts... and think, "fuck. How do I get there when I've been HERE for so long?"